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GWRRA Provides Safety Eye Opener

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GWRRA Provides Safety Eye Opener
Traci Thrasher, Chapter S

On February 12th, Winder’s Chapter S of the GWRRA (Gold Wing Road Riders) held it’s annual Sweetheart Poker Run at Fort Yargo State Park.  The Sweetheart Poker Run, held annually to coincide with Valentine’s Day, provided a day of fun for riders and non-riders alike.  In addition to Chapter activities such as the poker run, games, door prizes and auction, Chapter S sponsored two additional community service programs. 


The Gainesville chapter of the American Red Cross had the opportunity to take blood donations from poker run participants at their mobile donor facility. Although they didn’t collect a large number of units, they were very grateful for what was donated and for GWRRA hosting them at their event.  They look forward to returning and “upping the ante” in 2006.


The other community service event sponsored by the GWRRA, was the most enlightening and at the same time, the most educational & eye-opening.  This was the “No-Zone” semi trailer truck.  For those who are not familiar with the “No-Zone” semi, it is made available at events such as the Poker Run so that anyone who drives a vehicle (2, 3, 4 wheels) can get behind the wheel of a semi cab and see what the driver sees from their point of view on the road.  The real eye opener is what the driver DOESN’T see!  (see photos).


On the outside of the semi trailer, there were 4 motorcycles parked 2 on each side of the semi, approximately the same distance from the trailer as a bike would normally be on a 6 lane highway, and in the staggered formation.  Parked behind the semi trailer, approximately 2 car lengths back, was a passenger van.   All of the bikes and the van were where they were “supposed” to be as far as lane usage, but NONE of them was visible in either the driver’s side or passenger side mirror! (see photos)  Pretty scary to think of how invisible 2, 3, and even 4 wheels are to even the most seasoned semi trailer driver.  (Now you also know why there are some loud bikes out there – we more than any other vehicle on the road, need to “be seen & be heard”.)


The point of the demonstration?  If you can’t see the face of the driver in the mirrors on the semi truck you are following, then he can’t see you.  And it doesn’t matter if you are on a bike or in a passenger van – its way better to “be seen” in the first place than to end up “dead at the scene”.

No Zone Truck
No Zone Truck

Drivers View
Drivers View