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GWRRA Georgia Chapter S Southern Wings

Parking Lot Practice/Road Captians Course


Preparing for Parking Lot Practice or the Road Captians Course

Before you show up, make sure that you have the following. This is for everyone's safety so please come prepared.
  1. Current GWRRA Member
  2. Be enrolled in Level I, "Safety By Commitment," of the Rider Education Program. Not enrolled? No problem, Grady will be able to enroll you before the course starts.

  3. Have a valid motorcycle licence or permit
  4. All riders must have proper riding gear. This will include, at a minimum: 1) DOT approved helmet, 2) eye protection, 3) full-fingered gloves, 4) over the ankle foot protection (boots preferred), 5) balance of the body fully covered with pants (denim acceptable) and single piece jacket or shirt (modular or "riding sleeves" are not acceptable)
  5. Bike tires must be no less than 2/32" deep tread
  6. Show proof of insurance
  7. Show proof of ownership of the bike