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GWRRA Georgia Chapter S Southern Wings

Officers and Staff


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If your are interested in becoming a member of the GWRRA click on the logo below. Or, if you just want to check us out, your more than welcome to come to one of our meetings.


Chapter Directors:
Joe and Janel Piper

Call Janel at:  678-800-4063
Call Joe at:  678-640-7469

Email Joe and Janel

Assistant Chapter Directors:

Mike and Sandy Burns

Call Sandy at: 678-425-9337  
Call Mike at:   561-779-3078

Email Mike and Sandy

Chapter Treasurer:

Traci Thrasher

Call Traci at:  706-255-2834

Email Traci

Chapter Ride Coordinator and Webmaster:

Carlos Lozano

Call Carlos at 864-908-8199:  

Email Carlos

Membership Enhancement and Newsletter editor:

Ken and Traci Thrasher

Call Ken at:  770-356-3732
Call Traci at: 706-255-2834

Email Ken

Email Traci

Pat and Craig Whitehouse:

Chapter Merchandise and Apparel

Call Pat at:  678-227-0761
Call Craig at:  678-863-2296

Email Pat and Craig

Chapter Prize Coordinator:

Fern Oakes

Call Fern at: 678-219-0257  

Email Fern

Hospitality Coordinator:

Pat Whitehouse

Call Pat at:  678-227-0761

Email Pat